Everything Basic Idea On "XIAOMI" everyone should have!!

uys its BISWAJEET posting Everything about Xiaomi.
Friends you might be hearing "Xiaomi" a lot now everywhere mainly in Facebook & Twitter. N you might be thinking WT#! Where How When it came? What it is?

Well "Xiaomi" is a Chinese Mobile Manufacturer Company. It is popular for its UI(MIUI),CHEAP,POWERFUL & SUPER ANDROID POWERED PHONES.Its phones cheap  'cuz mostly phones are produced in China so production price is low compared to other countries & also that's why mostly 90% of phone are written with"MADE IN CHINA".

" Xiaomi" is also known as the "Apple" of China for its
UI(User Interface) I.e "MIUI".
MIUI is an interface is which very much featureful , smooth, HIGHLY CUSTOMIZABLE & a lots n lots of tricks included in it.

This UI has no app drawer n not installed playstore inbuilt as per Chinese Rules & Regulations.

u have pre installed theme store which can customize anything you can imagine.This means no need of custom ROMS for styling.Its theme store can change almost anything like
Boot animation, fonts,lock screen,notification drawer styles,backgrounds,dailer,almost everything. MiUi & Xiaomi made the phone to great levels. MiUi is get updated in every 2-3 months just like a new look of Android(Currently MiUi 6 looks exact to IOS 7). And developer version of MiUi get updated each month, Its your choice.

t access.
Xiaomi phones are pre rooted. You don't need to search or find a root method to it. If you own a Xiaomi you don't need to worry to void warranty if you get messed with the device, there Xiaomi for you to fix this ! Even if you messed with Xiaomi then its Online Forums are there to help you just like " XDA".
Xiaomi phones are great. Its popular phone all over the world till now is "MI3". You might have heard , MI3 gone out of stock (10000 pieces) in 2 secs in Flipkart. Now you can how much it's popular n how much people buying this beast. It has already hitter the Market in Singapore and Bangalore n now its hitting in India.

Xiaomi has broad number of accessories for its each phones. So won't face any trouble for accessories like powerbanks,flipcovers,back case,tampered glass,and a lot more. Xiaomi phones & accessories are also going to available on Flipkart exclusively.

Visit Xiaomi store: http://www.xiaomishop.com/
I think you guys must be thinking to buy one Xiaomi Fone but wait if you not impressed by our post then please visit their official site n judge.
Visit official Xiaomi India page :- http://www.mi.com/in/

We are sure its launch gonna tough the competition with Samsung,Micromax & other Manufacturers who has already hit the market in India.

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