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The Nexus 5 was announced on October 31 2013,
hitting stores in November of the same year.
In terms of the Nexus 6 release date we're
expecting the handset to arrive around the same
time in 2014.
Considering the Nexus 5 launched at $349, £299
for the 16GB model we'd expect the Nexus 6 to
inherit a similar pricing structure, although if it's
rocking some serious tech it may come in slightly more expensive

oexus 6 operating system
The Nexus 6 could be the first device to run the
next version of Google's operating system, which
we now know to be
Android L.
When Google launches a new major version of its
software it usually offers up some hardware too.

Korean manufacturer LG was being hotly tipped for
a third term as Google's Nexus smartphone
producer, and while the Nexus 5 bore resemblances
to last year's LG G2 , some sources reckon the
Nexus 6 will apparently be based on the LG G3 .
That's all been called into question though as LG has
now denied any involvement in the Nexus 6. That
begs the question of who then will be making it in
LG's place, but it also kills most of the theories
that had been circulating.
They may have a point though, as Motorola is
another manufacturer being linked to the Nexus 6,
with reports of a handset codenamed "Shamu" doing
the rounds.

The Nexus 6 is going to follow a curved/flexible screen which would blow minds of toughness.
The Nexus 6's screen size at 5.5 inches, which is
the same as the LG G3, but with LG seemingly not
involved that's presumably just a coincidence if it's
even true.Going back to the Motorola leak, and the "Shamu" handset apparently sports a sizeable 5.9-inch
display which would push the device firmly into
phablet territory.

Just like its predecessor Nexus 6 is also going to have LTE(4G) SUPPORT, also 3G and 2G frequencies.
Bluetooth 4 .. Powerful WIFI with b/g/n/ac support with would capture 2Ghz and 5Ghz channels easily this means you will get high speed connectivity ever from a distance.


It looks like the Nexus 6 might be a real beast. The
Motorola Shamu, which is believed to be the Nexus 6, appeared on GFXBench . It has so far only
completed a single test but alongside the results
you can see that it has a 2.6GHz quad-core
Snapdragon 805 processor and 3GB of RAM, which
would make it a match for any other smartphone
out there. A similar listing has also popped up on
AnTuTu , revealing an Adreno 420 GPU.
Nexus 6 camera
Not much is known about the camera yet, but a
leak on GFXBench for the Shamu lists a 12MP
snapper with UHD video recording, which would be a
step up from the lacklustre 8MP camera on the
Nexus 5 .
It may even be slightly better still, as according to
a similar listing on AnTuTu it will actually have a
13MP main camera, plus a 2.1MP front-facing one.

Battery power is not confirmed yet but it has a rumour to follow 3100 mAh lithium polymer non removable battery. Well, Battery life has bossed the chart of complaints in
the smartphone market for years now and last year's Nexus was a major offender, with a
constantly weird amount of power suckage.
Scraping through a day simply isn't good enough. If you're going to pack more and more irresistible
features into a device with a gorgeous hypnotizing display, then please give it enough juice to fulfil our obsessive usage.

Since Apple made the jump to a 64-bit processor in
the iPhone 5S it's inevitable that other
manufacturers will want to follow suit.
App developers and manufacturers will be able to
realize the potential of this in years to come, but
perception is important and that's reason enough
for the Nexus 6 to need a 64-bit processor.

The front-facing dual-speaker setup on the HTC
One M8 is undeniably nice and the more we consume
media on our smartphones the more important it
becomes to get decent sound.
The Nexus 5 had one speaker at the bottom and it
was less than stellar. It's another obvious target
for a spot of improvement on the Nexus 6 and it
would be nice if headphones weren't a requirement
for enjoying music on your phone.

Full HD with a 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution is still
the standard for top-end Android smartphones, but
QHD 2560 x 1440 displays are just around the
By the time the Nexus 6 is due to arrive the 5.5-
inch QHD just like LG G3 will be on sale, and maybe even the
Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime and HTC One M8 Prime as
It wouldn't be a shock if the Nexus 6 brought us a
new level of pixel density. It's probably too soon
for 4K displays, but we're heading in that direction,
and this would at least give a Nexus the headline
grabbing features we love.
Of course, only if it can be done cheaply. We don't
want to lose the low prices we've become
accustomed to.

Face Unlock was a gimmicky feature that arrived in
Android Ice Cream Sandwich. It didn't always work
and it was easy to spoof with a photo but finding
new ways to effortlessly, but securely, unlock your
smartphone is still on the agenda.
Nexus 6 Fingerprint Scanner With the iPhone 5S , HTC One Max and Samsung
Galaxy S5 all sporting fingerprint scanners it's no
surprise that other top-end handsets are being
linked to the biometric tech.
The Nexus 6 is no exception, with Android Geeks
citing a "trusted source" who claims the handset
will indeed come with a fingerprint scanner .
Apple's Touch ID uses your fingerprints and there's
a digit scanner in the Galaxy S5 too. This kind of
security is set to become a new standard.

We've seen Kevlar coating from Motorola and
waterproofing from Sony and Samsung, and there's
no doubt the Nexus line could stand to toughen up.
You only need to glance at any Nexus 4 or Nexus 5
forum to find tales of woe from hapless owners
with shattered screens.
Flexible display technology could put an end to
cracked and broken screens. Waterproofing has left
the rugged category behind and broken into the
mainstream. A Nexus 6 that can survive a dunk and
doesn't need a polycarbonate overcoat.

NEXUS 6 is going to be the beast as its predessors has made a reputation in the market . Everyone is imagining it to be the best Android of the year and we sure it would perform its best. But remember The "ONEPLUS ONE" the flagship killer , may the Nexus 6 beat it easily with its spectacular performance but Oneplus One remains to be the one of the best device in budget and performance compartment.

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