'The Flash' Movie Coming In 2016

"The Flash" is set to join the bevy of
movies being announced at Comic-Con

The Hollywood Reporter broke news of
the film in a report on the newly
announced Zach Snyder project that will
star both Batman and Superman. Little
is known about the Flash movie, but it
is already having an impact on some
heavily anticipated projects: THR
reports that the "Justice League" movie
would follow both the Superman-
Batman combo hit and the Flash film,
which is slated for 2016. That likely puts
those clamoring for "Justice League"
facing a 2017 debut for superhero posse
It has also been reported that the production
delay for Batman vs Superman: Dawn of
Justice was down to the studio still
negotiating contracts for other major Justice
League actors.

Henry Cavill will reprise his role as Superman
for the movies, while Oscar-winner Ben Affleck
will play Batman , and Fast and Furious actress
Gal Gadot will play Wonder Woman.

The full schedule as reported by
NikkiFinke.com is as follows:

May 2016 - Batman vs Superman:
Dawn of Justice
July 2016 - Shazam
December 2016 - Sandman
May 2017 - Justice League
July 2017 - Wonder Woman
December 2017 - The Flash and Green
Lantern adventure
May 2018 - Man of Steel 2

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