Increase Your Contact List For Facebook

Hello friends this is BISWAJEET and hope you enjoyed my previous trick on "INCREASE FRIEND LIST ON FACEBOOK"
.This trick is related to the previous one and about increasing your contact list , so you can increase Facebook friends.

.[Note: Before proceeding further things you should know about this trick.
1.Trick includes use of third person's contact list which you will be going to steal it.
2.This trick is only for educational and experimental purpose.
3.Use this trick with the yes of people, don't harm people's peace.]

Precautions you should follow before going to my trick. I prefer you to follow the same trick to backup your own contacts so that the third person's contacts would not mess up with yours.This trick uses backup of contacts to work.
Ok here we go.

Step 1 : Go to "CONTACCTS" of the person's phone you want contacts.

Step 2: Tap on "OPTION PANEL

Step 3: Tap on "Import/Export Option

Step 4: Tap on "Select All"

Step 5: Tap "OK".

Step 6: Proceed as the following images below.


Step 7: Tap "OK"  and a file named "0001.vcf" will be created in the root of memory card

Step 8:Go to "File Manager" & search for "0001.vcf".

Step 9: send the file to your phone by Bluetooth , now return your friend's phone..

Step 10: After receiving the file on your phone , tap on it.
And select or flash it as Contacts.

Step 11: Select it as phone. You are done now you got your friends contact list.

Now follow my guide on "Increase Friend List On Facebook"
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