Jolla Launcher [No root required]

Jolla Launcher  [No root required] For All Android Phones

The Jolla phone has been out for a while now, and running Sailfish OS, it presents itself as a fresh and interesting alternative what we’ve all gotten used to over the years—albeit it has heritage in the more primitive MeeGo previously. Normally, those who are looking to give Sailfish a go would have to either get some hands on experience with the Jolla phone themselves or wait around for a port to their current device. But because both of these options may not be possible, it’s good to see that folks can now be able to experience a large part of the OS with the recently ported Sailfish launcher.

here is the jolla launcher working nicely on all 4.2+ android phones . Obviously its an alpha state software and is buggy, but more feature rich than what was shown in the youtube video.

what works
1) swipe to peek
2) notification
3) swipe to minimize
4) pully menu on main screen

This is not the alpha version as advertised in official alpha testers. so maybe we will get even more update.
Link to download(4.2+)

Download now For 4.2+

Other linkhttp

Original (4.3+)

Download Download now For 4.3+

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