SlideJoy Lock Screen Review with PayPal Payment Proof

Slidejoy is a cash making lock screen which pays you
for daily unlocking your android device. Here is complete review of app and we will check whether
this app is Legit or Scam.

Slidejoy Review

I installed this app in month of May(i guess)2014 and I used to get approximately 0.10$ per day just for unlocking my phone normally.
Minimum payout amount for slidejoy is 1$ via paypal and there are many other options too. When I reached threshold amount, I made request for money redemption but even after a week, it was showing as a pending.
Then I read their FAQ page and I came to know that slidejoy pays after 3 months from request of redemption.
Then I though this app must be fake or scam as most of the other apps process payments within 5-10 days. But then I decided to keep patience for 3 months and surprisingly I got payment from slidejoy!
So, as of my experience, slidejoy is definitely a legit app which really pays you for unlocking screen

Slidejoy Paypal Payment Proofs:-

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