Friends this is BISWAJEET sharing a great app(for android) for those who does a lot more chat and especially happy with the "FACEBOOK MESSENGER" for its "CHAT HEADS FEATURE". This app will let your " WHATSAPP" Contacts chat with "Chat Head Feature"
This is a Root Required App.

Faebookbook Home first was introduced, it

brought with the “chat heads” that provided a nice
little notification in the corner of your display with
a picture of your contact. You could then click on
the picture and then seamlessly read and respond to
messages without having to stop what you’re
currently doing on your device. If you’ve liked the
way this works, but use another messaging service
more than Facebook Messenger, take a look below
and we will explain how to achieve the same results.
Facebook Messenger isn't the only messenger with
chat head functionality.

To achieve this, you’ll need to download an
application called Seebye Chat Heads which is
available via the Google Play Store. It is a module of
the Xposed Framework and does require root
access. Check out our article on what the Xposed
Framework is and how it works .

Downloading Seebye Chat Heads
Thanks to this application, we can get the chat
head notifications for other messaging apps, such
as WhatsApp, to appear on the screen with a small
circle and a picture of the contact. By click on this
bubble, you’ll get access to three options in which
you can see the conversation, mark it as read, or
even reply.

With Seebye Chat Heads, you can get Facebook
Messenger style notifications for WhatsApp.
Much like Facebook Messenger, the chat heads can
be moved anywhere on the screen so as to not
obstruct your view of the display. As well, to get
rid of a chat head, you simply have to do a long
press on the icon and then drag it to the bottom of
the screen where a "X" will appear. If you let go
over the "X", the chat head will disappear from the