5 important things to buy GOOGLE ANDROID ONE mobiles

5 things you need to
know about Google’s Android One

1. Google services don’t work for all Android
based phones, but with Android One, this won’t be
an issue anymore. Google will provide the
manufacturers with specifications, basic guideline
references for hardware parts, up-to-date versions
of Android which will result in faster upgrades.

2. Since Google is collaborating with many low-
cost domestic phone makers, it will take quality
control of the low end market, with the smart
phone priced mostly below Rs 6,000. Although a
lot of phones come under this bracket of low cost
phones, but Android One will provide a superior
functionality with better a user interface.

3. Although not much is known about the
specifications of Android One, some of its features
will include dual core chip, 5MP camera,
removable SD card, 4.5 inch display and quad core processor all in low cost phones such as
Micromax, Karbonn and Spice.

4. Android One will set Google on an upscale
since the customization of its hardware as well as
software it will provide an amalgamation of its own
services such as Google’s own search engine.

5. Android one is a new supremacy initiative by
Google to stay abreast with Android in India. With
the launch of Android One it will ensure a safe play
for Google in the tech market. It is also said to
bolster Facebook’s growth in India.
This launch of Android One will add to the never
ending race of revolutionary device makers and
multinational co operations to deliver cheaper
smartphones with loaded features. Only time will
tell if this will turn out to be a real deal and a

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