How to Earn money from blog/earn a living from your blog with these options

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One of the main reasons why blogging is still such a hot trend in 2014 is because it has helped thousands if not millions of users earn money online.

Thousands of users make a living by blogging about their passion, their industry or their opinion. Then, they make money by showing relevant ads to their audience or by selling products that their audience is actively looking for.

There are a lot of ways to make money from blogging and we will show you a few you can start using right away:

1. Use Ad Networks:

This is one of the most common methods of making money from your blog. Some of the common ad networks you can use to make money are Google AdSense, TribalFusion, AppNexus, Luminate, VibrantMedia, etc.
Once you sign up for these networks, they will provide you with the code to embed into your website. Afterwards, these networks serve ads on your site and you get paid if anyone clicks on these ads or if someone views the ad depending on whether the network works on a cost per click (CPC) or cost per mille (CPM) model, respectively.

However, you need a lot of traffic to make a substantial income from this method and that's the reason many people don't try this. It is one of the easiest ways of making money though and many of the huge blogs you see online rely on this method to generate income.

2. Sell Ads Directly:

If you have a niche site, you can contact various companies in your industry to advertise on your website directly. This way, you can make more money from the ad slot and the advertiser gets more traffic as well as recognition by advertising on your niche site.
Draft a good email listing various benefits of advertising on your blog (like what type of visitors you have, what their likes and interests are, etc.) and contact each company directly to see if they might be interested in advertising with you.

Networks like BuySellAds, AdEngage, BlogAds make it easier for advertisers to place ads on your site directly. So, make sure that you get your site listed on these networks to gain maximum exposure.

Tip: You can check which ads get served on your site via Google AdSense or TribalFusion and then contact the advertisers directly and offer them a good long-term deal. They will go for it most often than not because there is no middle-man and they will reduce costs by 30% simply by advertising with you directly.

3. Promote Other's Products:

Affiliate marketing is nothing new and many people have been making millions of dollars per month by promoting products owned by people they do or do not know. You simply review or recommend a product that you think your audience will like and if they purchase the product using your affiliate link, you make a commission on the sale.
This method is very lucrative since many companies pay over 50% of the sale value to their affiliates (especially those offering digital products) and affiliates do not have to spend time worrying about customer support, fulfillment or payment gateways. A win-win situation for everyone, really.

Find a good product in your niche and write a few reviews about it, make a video and upload it to YouTube etc. and you should see results very quickly if you take a really good angle on promoting the product.

Tip: You can use our free WP Review plugin to create SEO friendly review sites quickly and easily.

4. Promote Yourself:

Many people use blogs as a medium to reach out to people looking for freelancers for consulting, designing, coaching, development, etc.
Writing extensive articles about your area of expertise goes a long way in highlighting you as an expert in your field. Prospective employers see this and want to hire you if they feel you can really help them.

5. Promote Your Products :

If you have a product that you can sell online, you can no doubt promote it using your blog. Many people create corporate blogs to get in touch with their prospective customers and make them aware of the various benefits of using and buying products from them.

Make sure that you keep it informal with your readers when you try to pitch your products. People read blogs because they enjoy them and not because they like to be sold stuff. If readers like what they read, and if what they read is relevant to what you sell, they will definitely check your products out. You can also tell a story about how your product came to be or how it changed some of your previous buyer's life.

You can either use any (or all) of these methods or get really creative and develop a strategy of your own. Many people offer incentives to their readers for buying using their affiliate links while others provide coupons. There are really tens, if not hundreds, of ways of making real income from your blog and you just need to strike a balance between making money and keeping site usable. I wish you success.

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