Free Calling Service From Whats App

Free Voice Call on Whats App
Good News for WhatsApp Users,
Whats app will now provide the very useful feature ever in mobile application that is Free call from Whats App. It is to increase the downloads of Whats app in more mobiles. There are already millions of user active on Whats App because of its ads free interface. But Whats App wants to increase them more. So lets discuss some upcoming features of Whats App free voice call Service.

Features of Whats App free call
In that service of Whats App free call there will be many features and that all will make it the Best Free calling app. Just after dialing the number from Whats App connect list there will be colored call in progress  bar appears. One of the best coming feature of whats app free call service is there will be four buttons in the calling screen and that are
Mute Button
Switch to text message
Directing the call through Device Speaker
and Hanging up
will be included.
And there will lots more feature to be included but are not revealed right now by the company. But some of them,
You can directly connect a call from the Whats App connect list.
can easily switch it to the text message.
quality call in medium Internet plans.
Calling through device loud speaker.
Colored and eye catchy calling screen.
and lots more
There are many app providing free calling but whats app is supposed to be the best free calling app with lots of features.
Launching of Whats App free call Service
Currently Whats App is not available for every mobile phones so the service will be launched next year.Service of Free call from Whats App will be confirm launch in year 2015. Free calling will be available in the version 4.5.5 of whats app.
So we have to wait for the service........