How To Submit Sitemap in Google Webmaster Tools

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Submit sitemap to Google webmastertools are needed for each blog... order google search engine will be easier and faster in our blog index ..

How to submit sitemaps BLOGGER? BLOGGER does not like wordpress so where ,, already available plugins sitemaps are already available no need to make another sitemaps

 Another case with Blogger is not available plugins sitemaps but ,, actually Blogger already have sitemaps automatically every blog is formatted in XML or atom.xml the URL address http: // address of the site / atom.xml ,, so to submit the sitemap file atom.xml blogger ,, then it is in the input ...

Here are the steps:

Log in google webmastertools ,,On the left menu ,, select"Site configuration" -> "Sitemap".click add sitemaps sitemap ,, and enter the following: atom.xml?redirect = false & start-index = 1 & max-results = 500 then click on "Submit a Sitemap".

Example : Http:// = false & start-index = 1 & max-results = 500

If successful will appear immediately table a list of links that successfully indexed ...

already clear yet! if not, try reading slowly tutorial above!