First Look Comes Out JioPhone TV Connector with Two Variant

The JioPhone TV Connector will allow users to connect their Jio feature phone with CRT televisions as well as those with HDMI ports. The Connector supports upto 720p playback on HD TVs and will be sold with two kinds of adapters.

The JioPhone TV Connector was unveiled at the ongoing India Mobile Congress being held in New Delhi. The JioPhone TV cable will be sold separately with two different kinds of adapters at an lunspecified date. Though it seems like the will come between the price of Rs 299-499. We will let you when it will on sale.

The JioPhone TV Connector attaches to the microUSB slot on the JioPhone at one end, and a Type A USB port on the Jio TV Connector adapter at the other end. The adaptor comes in two variants, one with RCA out/AV out and another with HDMI out.

Those using CRT TVs will need to purchase the adapter with an RCA out/AV out, while those that have a TV with an HDMI port will need to purchase the other version. Both the versions of the JioPhone TV Connector adapter can be seen in the image above. The JioPhone is capable of playing back 720p videos, so if you have a television capable of rendering videos in 720p, you will be able to view content in HD.

Further, the Jio TV Connector TV adaptor comes with its own power source and is capable of charging the JioPhone while it is connected for video playback on a television. Videos appear in a 4:3 aspect ratio on CRT TVs and 16:9 aspect ratio on HD TVs when transmitted from the JioPhone to a TV screen. On India Mobile Congress, the setup works quite well. The playback was pretty fluid and videos did not buffer or stutter at all.Even if you are in call or browsing something the show or video playback won't get disturb. You can check the hands on video down below.

The JioPhone is currently unavailable for pre-booking, but as per sources, the feature phone will be made available for a second round of pre-bookings in the next few days.

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