Why Telegram is the best Messenger

Why Telegram is the best Messenger

When it comes about Telegram Messenger it needs no introduction because it is widely popular for it's features. But as good as simple it is, the User Interface(UI) which makes it boring and messed up which is quite annoying to use. And in today's date if we wont keep things organized things might come to quite a mess. So to fill that gap and to make Telegram more usable and interesting comes the PLUS Messenger.
Plus Messenger is the advanced version of the Telegram Messenger with all the advanced features that every advanced user want. Everyone one to look different from other, do you not want to be some thing unique, "the NOT Boring". As you know you can't wear the same clothes forever. Plus Messenger comes with Hundreds of Themes, or simply you can create one for yourself.

Now say bye bye to the boring long scroll of all the chats in Telegram Messenger. Plus Messenger has organised for you by categorized them into different columns as ALL Chats, Users, SuperGroups, Groups, Channel, Bots, Favourite Chats, Administrator Panel, and yes also the Unread Chats Panel. which makes the most efficient and easiest way to access all your needy chats accordingly. 

Some more Highlights of Plus Messenger:

+ Option to use direct share on any chat
+ Option to use direct share without quoting sender
 + Option to show pone emojis
 + Option to save files using original filename 
 + Option to set custom compression when sharing videos
 + Option to use pone font
 + Option to show own photo or user photo in chat bubbles
 + Group admin is shown in groups profile
 + Option to discard proximity sensor changes when playing audio notes
 + Option to show profile pics when clicking photo in main screen
 + Option to show profile screen when clicking photo in main screen
 + Change wallpaper directly from chat screen
 + Option to change chat emoji view size
 + Option to mute users or groups directly from main screen
 + Option to add member directly from chat screen

Some Screenshots:

It has huge number of features, it's better you CHECK IT OUT than reading this. Once again this is advanced Telegram Messenger, one simple person can quite find it messy as well. But i recommend you to give it a try and comment us below.

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