Telegram Messenger - Future of Messaging Apps

Telegram Messenger - Future of Messaging Apps

WhatsApp has became the most popular messaging app crossing 59 million downloads in Playstore and if we add other platforms, it may cross 100 million counts. So do you think you're using the best messeging app due to its popularity?? If yes, this post is for you and to rethink once. WhatsApp may be in lead making a 3BHK simplistic flat for you but then Telegram is a castle if we compare both. Why you ask?? Let me tell you about it's features.


Do you want to have a conversation with someone and don't want to leave any proof when you're done.?

Telegram has SECRET CHAT feature where the message receiver won't able to SCREENSHOT, FORWARD you're messages. Not only that when you're done talking you can delete the conversion which also deletes from the receivers side.

Sync & Backup

Unlike WhatsApp you don't need to worry about your storage for your device. 

WhatsApp takes backup of you're conversation everyday at 2:00A.M but what if your device gets dead, stolen, had to reset.

Everything in Telegram is cloud synced and safe within their servers. Anytime you got issues worry not, simply log in again and you have your every message safely stored.

File compatibility and Limits

WhatsApp has it's limit when sending different files like apks, exe and other file formats, not just that you have limited amount size that could be sent.

But in Telegram you can send any data file type you want and it has no limits with size, you can easily send a movie with that.

 As i told you everything is saved in cloud which also means you can access the files anytime you want. A lot of you're device storage is saved.
Mr. Lonely

Well we get sad and feel lonely sometimes, even after having 100's of contacts we don't feel to talk with anyone.

This is where Telegram comes to sit beside you.

The BOTS feature
Telegram has 1000's of BOTS created by users. Every bot has it's own feature. For example i use "VK MUSIC BOT" to download music seamlessly without any google search or visiting any site. Just the same you can interact with bot for music, thoughts, inspirational quotes, ideas and many more for you to explore.
Oh well you can create you're own bot.

I'm a Castle

In WhatsApp you can add only 256 members to your group and in broadcasting list also.

But Telegram is a Castle inside a Castle, you can add upto 10 Thousand members to your group and 50,000+ members to your broadcast (which is called channel in Telegram)

The Anti - Boring

Telegram has it's very best feature which i love the most. You can search an Username, bot, even a channel (broadcast list).

There are large no. of channels may be in lakhs, everyone can have their own taste. well you can try our channel .

Ok this one you might like

I'm Everywhere

In WhatsApp, to sync between devices (web whatsapp and phone only) you're device (phone) needs to be connected to internet to run web whatsapp and this is only sync can happen between two devices.

In Telegram you gets rid of this rude two device sync, you can add many device you like once you have verified by otp in you're main device, for this you don't need you're main device to be connected to internet. Every devices IP address can be seen and managed from you're main device.
There are many other features like "message recall" "pinned message" and many.

In simple term Telegram is Awesome. But this is only for those who want advance features not for the common simple man who just wants to send and receive texts and images.

Telegram Truth -- This is true Telegram saves all your conversation in their server database but they don't track a single message of yours. But on the other hand WhatsApp tracks every detail of your conversation. Most crime and hacking Communist use Telegram Platform to Communicate, this is that much safe and untraceable. 

But if you discuss bombing you're neighbors in WhatsApp, police might be standing infront of your door after you bomb.

Hey why don't you give Telegram a try. It's free and if you don't liked just uninstall it as simple as that.

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