About Us

Seeker of amazing stuff, seek no more for ye have found it.

Magzinite is an ever-expanding virtual exhibition of all the amazing stuff to be found in the world and on the web. It opened to the public in 2014

Amazing Stuff  that absolutely cannot be ignored. With a combination of videos and images, these aim to inform about unique and amazing aspects of the world which we hope will be new to you.

Selection criteria
Although there are no hard and fast rules, Magzinite tends to be:

- Totally unique, like Felix’s machines
- Little-known , like the pink lake in Senegal
- Cutting-edge , like the mind-controlled wheelchair
- Visually impressive, like these slow motion stunts
- Extreme , like the man who swam the Amazon

If you know of anything like this, please tell us about it!


Magzinite is curated by Sanu Bodhak and Biswajeet Jena, who Are crazy about tech,food and amazing stuffs arourd Them From (IN).

Here they are depicted in suspended animation, continuing to search for amazing stuff by a Phone